Whynter ARC-12SD

The frost white look of the Whynter ARC-12SD looks and performs great in any room where a cooling unit is needed. The 3 fan speeds give perfect control and the casters allow for ease of mobility so you can cool off more than one area if you wish.

Whynter ARC-12SD

What we like: This portable air conditioner is efficient cooling because it takes in air as well as sends hot air out which allows for faster cooling. The remote control makes it easy to change fan speed, temperature and the timer even from across the room. Blows really cold air so right from the start you will start to feel amazingly cooler. Comes with a window install kit if you prefer the unit to be in the window but the ability to move it around is a huge benefit and with the castors mobility is no problem.

What we don't like: The hose could be longer so if your window is high from the floor you will have to mount the dual vents vertically or place the unit on a stool. Fairly heavy unit, which is not a problem because of the castors.

The bottom line: The Whynter ARC-12SD is well liked and the frost white color fits well in any décor making it a recommended cooling unit for those looking for an efficient model that cools very well. It sets up easily and is fun to use the remote to change settings.

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