Frigidaire FRA12EPT1

Anyone looking for both a heater and air conditioner will want to check out the Frigidaire FRA12EPT1 with its electronic controls and full function remote control that creates a comfortable environment year round. This unit features a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity and a 4,100 BTU heating capacity and works well in room up to 640 square feet in size. It also comes with antibacterial filters that reduce the amount of bacterial, airborne particles and room odors in the air, which further improves the air quality and makes for a more comfortable environment.

Frigidaire FRA12EPT1

What we like: It is possible to drop the temperature of the room by ten or fifteen degrees and maintain this lower temperature. The timer is great because when it is set the unit doesn’t have to run all night. This unit is not as loud as other units, which is great if you are using it in a bedroom.

What we don't like: Fills up a five-gallon bucket quite quickly as the drain produces a lot of water if no one is in attendance and the bucket overflows you will have a mess on your hands. Customers have experienced the exhaust hose coming loose and it is not very flexible. Does not have automatic evaporation of moisture like other brands offer.

The bottom line: The Frigidaire FRA12EPT1 is recommended for small rooms because it is very efficient at cooling portable air conditioner. The features are convenient and easy to use. It is inconvenient to have to empty the bucket of water and the possibility of overflow makes it impossible to leave the unit on while away from home so you come home to a hot house. It is however a perfect unit for those who are at home most of the time or just need a unit for the bedroom at night.

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