OCZ Vertex 4

One of the more popular solid state drives talked about lately has been from OCZ technology who has made a few different models, with the latest and most reliable one being the OCZ Vertex 4. It comes in 64 gigabyte, 128 gigabyte, 256 gigabyte and 512 gig sizes. One thing that sets it aside from the standard SSD is the Micron NAND flash technology.

OCZ Vertex 4

The main problem that people have with solid state drives is that they will wear out fairly quickly compared to hard drives because of their flash technology. This only really becomes an issue if you are frequently moving files back and forth however when you are working on such a small amount of memory and regularly using different programs, you can wear down your SSD. The Vertex 4 luckily does address this issue by using high quality Micron NAND flash and that feature along makes it much more reliable than the average SSD.

It is also incredibly fast. It can read up to 560 megabytes per second and write up to 510. This means in just a couple seconds a gig of data could be read and moved from your hard drive to your solid state drive. These drives are small as well and have standard brackets for you to mount the drive directly into your computer wherever there you have 3.5 inches of space. The testimonials on the OCZ Vertex 4 have been demonstrated that this SSD drive is well received. The drive is described as very fast and extremely reliable.

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