OCZ Vector Series

OCZ Vector Series is designed for delivering superior performance, this SSD embodies both reliability and endurance. The housing is made of sleek alloy and is as slim as the latest notebooks. Perfect for those wishing to refresh and old laptop or would like to maximize the potential of their desktop PC or laptop and experience faster performance.

OCZ Vector Series

What we like: It comes with solidly built for durability with a nice metal case. The free migration software is a plus and is not found in most competitor brands. After installation you will find that applications open really fast and the drive literally makes no noise. This unit is unbelievably fast it can go from hibernation to waking in less than five seconds. Not all SSDs have warranties and this one has a five-year limited warranty, which is amazing and gives buyers real peace of mind.

What we don't like: If you need to fill a 9mm HDD bay this unit does not come with a 2mm spacer. The price is higher than most other SSDs but the quality and durability for long use is well worth it.

The bottom line: There are many reasons for recommending the OCZ Vector Series including the fact that it is solidly built to last, has super fast performance and is very easy to install. The accessories are very much appreciated and add value to the unit. Other than super fast speed it also has reliable storage, instant start and quick access to applications. This SSD is perfect for anyone in need of upgrading or when in need of faster performance for a slow computer. This is perhaps the fastest SSD available at this time.

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