Kingston HyperX 3K

The Kingston HyperX 3K is suited for gamers looking for the ability to decrease load times or would like to increase frame rates so they can enjoy a better gaming experience. They can also experience faster transfers when they have large media files and the drive works with Adobe applications such as Light Room, Photoshop and Premiere. It comes in a black and aluminum case and offers a three-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Kingston HyperX 3K

What we like: Users can expect to experience better multitasking and multimedia computing power as well as ultra-responsive gaming enjoyment. It gives users the ability to run programs and open files immediately after booting up. Battery power is improved once this drive is installed. Activating the AHCI drivers will increase the already top performance experienced after installing the SSD drive.

Performance is far better than traditional platter hard drives. Fast, reliable and solidly built drive. Comes with an adapter tray designed for a 3.5 bay which many drives do not include. Both read and write speed is greatly improved using this drive. Designed for durability and long use.

What we don't like: Users that plan on using this drive while doing a lot of data writing may need the Plextor M5 Pro.

The bottom line: The Kingston HyperX 3K is highly recommended for anyone using Windows because they will find that this drive allows for a faster and smoother performance and quicker boot times by 6 seconds. Applications such as missions, and Maps will start up faster and games will load faster. This is a low cost drive that performs as well as the more expensive versions. The three things that make this drive special are: speed, superior performance and ease of installation. The great price makes this affordable for just about anyone. This is the perfect drive for those rebuilding a computer or wishing to upgrade.

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