Intel 520 Series

The Intel 520 Series includes many features and positive aspects that are desirable for anyone looking for a reliable computer component to store data, or needs a durable repository for documents, files, programs and applications. Perfect for running games and so much more. The drive is incredibly fast which allows apps to load almost instantly and Windows to start up really fast. Prospective buyers will really like the Intel five-year warranty that gives real peace of mind.

Intel 520 Series

What we like: Unlike competitor drives it has Intel 5k flash, which means the drive, will last longer and is very reliable. The drive also has relatively low power consumption. The Sandforce controller also performs well and the Toolbox program can optimize the drive, which keeps it operating in top condition. The Intel firmware has working TRIM, which is also important.

Intel is known for doing extensive testing and for reliable engineering. Reads and writes extremely fast and it is also easier to clone an old drive because the transfer software is included. Free Intel SSD Toolbox software comes with the product and makes maintaining the drive easy and efficient. The drive is quiet when operating and stays charged for up to six hours.

What we don't like: This is not a cheap drive but well worth the price for performance and durability. Although the unit comes with cables they are designed for desktop machines, which may be a problem if that is not what you are working with if Intel included an USB-to-SATA adapter this would not be a problem.

The bottom line: The Intel 520 Series Solid-State Drive (Reseller Kit) is recommended to anyone looking to add new life to a laptop or PC or upgrade to a more powerful drive. It is relatively easy to install, has great read/write speed and performs well.

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