Intel 330 Series

The 330 Series like other Intel Series are well known for their durability and quality that customers have come to expect. Like other Intel SSD drives this particular unit is also astonishingly fast and easy to install. Typically installation can be accomplished in an hour or less. Users will notice faster boot up times and faster browsing speeds as well as faster loading of all games. After using their new drive customers have also noticed that case temps are lower, battery life is better and an overall faster performance can be expected.

Intel 330 Series

What we like: Users with this drive installed can expect a very strong performance with applications launching instantly and the system can go from sleep mode to fully “awake” seemingly instantly. Comes with excellent software, the drive is super fast and once installed the computer can boot up in just 10-15 seconds flat.

The accessories that come with the Intel 330 Series are a plus because other competitor brands do not include software or the conversion bracket. SSDs are so much faster than traditional drives that it should not be any surprise that once installed your machine will run so much faster than before which is really the best thing about it. The drive is very lightweight and easy to install. Most people can probably install it in an hour.

What we don't like: If you wish to store itunes, Lightroom library or photos you will need an external drive due to the space limitation of this model. Anyone with a Mac Pro will discover that the enclosed bracket is not designed to fit.

The bottom line: The Intel 330 Series is easily recommended to anyone that has never experienced how fast a SSD is and will appreciate faster load times. Any product that bears the Intel name is going to be quality and durable so this unit is recommended solely based on the name alone.

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