Crucial m4

The Crucial M4 has been getting more and more popular because of the speed at which they can load up programs and media stored on the drive, and they are a very speedy addition to any PC. The hard drive has not been replaced by solid state drives yet, but there's a good chance it will be in the future, seeing every computer made with a solid state internal hard drive to store all their programs on.

Crucial m4

Until that time however this unit is one of the most reliable solid state drives out there and it manages to stand above the rest due to its varied features. This drive boots up your computer in what feels like lightening fast speed and your applications load times will do the same when you have them installed on the SSD. Whether you're loading up video games, editing software or other utilities, you'll love the performance boost you get with a solid state drive; particularly the Crucial M4.

It is backwards compatible to SATA 3gb/s even thought it is made to function with SATA 6gb/s formats. This means you'll also be able to copy data more easily. You can rely on this unit as well because Micron is one of the most trusted companies to ever produce memory whether it's RAM or hard drives.

It can withstand all sorts of vibration and shock. It's usually very fragile when compared with a standard HDD so having a reliable SSD is fantastic. These drives are usually so expensive and even if you can afford one you want it to be reliable. You want it to be strong so that whenever you have to move your computer or transport your drive for some reason it'll be in good shape and your data will be protected.

The M4 is a big improvement for more reasons than just being durable though, it's also a lot quieter. While solid state drives are typically quieter than any hard drive they still make audible sounds and for some people that can be a bit annoying. This SSD is virtually silent and you'll never even know its there or running. It also runs a lot cooler so even if your computer doesn't have the best ventilation you can be sure your drive is functioning at a low and common temperature.

The Crucial M4 also comes with a three year warranty so that you can be sure to keep your data protected and running as fast as possible for years without worry. If you are a gamer or do a lot of intensive work on your PC then this is the best solid state drive for you. Just keep in mind that no matter what drive you're using it's always wise to have a back up copy of your files.

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