Seagate Wireless Plus

The Seagate Wireless Plus is designed for those who enjoy using media files wherever they go. It's easy to share files with friends and family and this unit can stream up to 3 different devices all at the same time. It's compatible with PC, MAC, tablets and smartphones. To use it is as easy as dragging and dropping files to wirelessly transfer various media content from your computer with no software being needed.

Seagate Wireless Plus

The Pros: The setup is basically plug and play right out of the box. The storage is adequate for most use. This external hard drive has its own network and connects easily to other devices and does so wirelessly. It is easy to upload files drag and drop. The interface is very simple to use and is attractive. This unit is very small, portable and the battery life is excellent.

The Cons: The help menu on the device is not very detailed but users can overcome this issue by using the very extensive online HELP menu on the manufacture website.

The Bottom Line: The Seagate Wireless Plus is very easy to use, so simple in fact that it will amaze you that you can use it practically right out of the box. The wireless factor is truly a huge plus and the fact that you can set it up and have it connected to your laptop in as little as one minute after opening the box is wonderful. Makes it totally possible to keep all your media and documents in one place. One device can effortlessly stream all your media files and do it in one place.

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