Seagate Expansion Desktop (2012 Model)

The Seagate Expansion Desktop is the right product for users who are using PC platform and looking for desktop hard drive that has large storage space with automatically respond to Windows XP and later version with no driver installation required; in other words easy installation. If those specifications apply to you, this drive is a good choice.

Seagate Expansion Desktop (2012 Model)

The Pros: Positive aspects of this hard drive includes transfer speed that is a little faster than the same transfers between older internal SATA drives with the performance that is needed to benefit USB 3.0 which are generally 60% to 200% faster than USB 2.0. Amazingly this drive is pretty quiet.

The Cons: Negative aspects of this hard drive include the fact that this version still has the problem of running too hot just like the older version. Quite a few owners have reported grinding noises and unexpected death of drives which may be in part due to the APM being turned off by default.

The Bottom Line: The Seagate Expansion Desktop is recommended for those who have not owned the new version, or for those in need of a quiet, fast hard drive that comes formatted for PC and can be formatted to be compatible with a Mac. This makes a great utility or backup drive.

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