Iomega Prestige Desktop

Iomega Prestige desktop external hard drive is available in 2TB, 1.5TB and 1TB storage. It transfers data via USB 2.0 which is very convenient because it is plug-and-play and compatible with PC and Mac. It also has 3 years warranty (registration within 90 days).

Iomega Prestige Desktop

Iomega Prestige body and stand of desktop model made of aluminum for nice design and toughness. It has a brushed-metal surface that enhances style to computer desk. Aluminum also provides heat dissipation and sound less surpassed that make this drive runs cooler and quieter.

Prestige is very simple to use, especially for Windows. Just plugged it into a computer, it will show up as a new removable drive on 'My Computer'. To use with Mac, you must reformatted first.

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